Part No.
In-Tube Motor Reels
Axle Diameter
£ Retail Price
210 325 808 Reel for pool size up to 3.5m wide 150mm B 4638.00
210 400 809 Reel for pool size up to 4.0m wide 150mm B 4527.00
210 450 810 Reel for pool size up to 4.5m wide 170mm B 5195.00
210 500 811 Reel for pool size up to 5.0m wide 170mm B 5380.00
210 525 812 Reel for pool size up to 5.5m wide 170mm B 5410.00
210 600 813 Reel for pool size up to 6.0m wide 170mm B 6240.00
210 700 814 Reel for pool size up to 7.0m wide 200mm B 6870.00

Calculations are based on pools no longer than 2.25 times the pool width and for the centre line of the roller to be no greater than 2m below the water line. For pools larger or deeper than the above please call for more details.

diameter of roller and slats when rolled up  
Diameter of the 60mm slats on an axle of 170mm
Length (m) Roll Diameter (mm)
Floor Pit

Floor Pit

Important Notes - Please read  
1. When pricing floor reel systems, always allow 2m extra on the length of the slats for attaching to reel system.

2. When siting the key switch, always ensure that it is visible from the pool, to avoid the possibility of the cover being closed whilst swimmers are still using the pool.

3. Ensure that any automatic cleaners or any items that may become entangled are removed from the pool during closing and opening.

4. Make sure that the pool is fitted with an automatic water levelling device and overflow. The water level must be constantly at the correct height to prevent damage to the cover when opening or shutting.
Information on Delivery costs here.
Part No.
£ Retail Price
20 650 013 Bottom frame - bracket for in-floor pits per Lm C 510.00
20 650 019 Bottom Trays for in-floor systems per Lm C 480.00
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