Aquamat pool cover

Aquamat Solar Gain covers are manufactured in both our Gloucestershire and Yorkshire factories on specialist machines developed and adapted by us to produce flat covers with a strong weld. Our solar cover range uses materials of the highest quality and has been thoroughly tested and proven by us as best for the application.
Please read the following important points before ordering

  1. Solar protection sheets are provided FREE with all solar covers. This sheet must be used to cover the solar cover when it is not on the pool.
  2. Solar covers are supplied oversize and will require a small amount of trimming on site with scissors.
  3. Solar covers are supplied in bags. Whilst we do everything in our power to protect them from damage in transit, damage does sometimes occur. It is important that these bags are checked for damage before signing for delivery.
    Once it is signed for, the carrier will not entertain any claims for damage. It is the responsibility of the receiver to ensure that this is done.
  4. Our solar cover warranty is applied to covers used on pools run at 30oc or less.
  5. Shock treatment of the pool with chemicals whilst the cover is on will seriously degrade the cover and void the warranty.
  6. During manufacture, the heat welding process may cause slight reversion. This is acceptable throughout the swimming pool industry and will not detract from the life expectancy or performance of the cover.

Heat Reflecting covers - how they work

The sun's heat rays will pass through the solar cover into the pool water, but will then be reflected back into the pool by the metallic gold or silver coloured underside of the cover, creating more heat retention than the conventional solar covers. See below.


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