Causes and Solutions - with reference to the shrinkage of polyethylene material.


As with all thermo plastic materials there will be a small amount of expansion and contraction experienced with pool cover material in parallel with changes in temperature. However other factors that could exaggerate these changes can also play a part.

Folded or Rolled

If covers are folded, or rolled up, with creases being allowed to form in the material when off the pool. When the material is placed back on the surface of the water, then it can take some time before the creases or folds flatten out and spread to cover the original area.

Gas expansion

Another phenomenon that has been observed on rare occasions is when the gas in the bubbles expands and increases in pressure. The tension in the material will rise, then a slight reduction of the covering area may be experienced, but again this should return to normal when the material stabilises. This gassing up phenomenon appears to be connected to water treatment, excessive chlorination or a build up of combined chlorine in the pool water can have this effect. Quite often when this problem occurs, close examination of the bubbles will reveal small amounts of moisture within the actual bubbles. The pool water must be tested out and brought back to an acceptable water balance as quickly as possible otherwise permanent damage can occur to the cover.

Direct sunlight

Finally if covers are left exposed to direct sunlight when off the pool fairly high temperatures can build up in the material. These temperatures can actually reach a level where deformation of the product can occur and the material will not recover its original form.

Solar Protection Sheet

A solar protection sheet is supplied with all inground pool covers to protect them from direct sunlight when off the pool.

Reel Covers

Alternatively we manufacture reel covers which can also be used for winter storage of the cover when left on the roller.

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